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Subject 11 - Pris by racespiro
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Can't Keep A Good Girl Down by racespiro
Mature content
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the Outlaw Aramis Koi by racespiro the Outlaw Aramis Koi :iconracespiro:racespiro 6 6 Becca - Midnight by racespiro
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Subject 11 - Pris
:iconaphrodite-ns: did this for me a few weeks back.  But with work being out of control just no time to post or do a write.  However, take a look at another great piece from a great artist.  
Can't Keep A Good Girl Down
And yet another AMAZING commission from the ever AMAZING :iconaphrodite-ns:

Put me back to the way I was, oh, baby I need some love.
I'm driving back to where I'm from long before it all begun.
The little red car with the headlights off says,
'Baby it's time to run'!
My face turns white as the doors are locked and hear,
'How bout a little fun?'
Oh, no, Oh, oh, Yeah, yeah
Oh, Oh, Yeah, yeah
Oh, oh, Back to the Way I Was
Oh, no, Oh, Yeah, yeah
Oh, oh, Yeah, yeah
Oh, oh, Back to the Way I Was

Put me back to the way I was though I'll never be the same
The air it moves like honey as I'm trying to get away
The little red car with the headlights off keeps coming back into my sight
But I'm still here and I will not go quietly into the night

Back to the Way I Was
Emily Bell


Selena 'Jessie' Cartwright

A Shadows of Brimstone character in a game run by the ever talented :iconmaelora69:

Here's a scene snippet from Jessie's first encounter with the Supernatural:

You remember.  The raiders – Civil War veterans by the uniforms – attacking the house.  Your mother shouting for help, firing her rifle at them… Her cry of pain and then a terrible silence… You fought back in a blind rage, with your bare hands and whatever came to hand. Something knocked you down from behind, and you remember rough hands grasping you.  You looked up into the leader’s face – at first glance, a handsome fellow of middle years, with his ringleted curls and long mustache, a style a decade or so out of date. His cavalry hat and Confederacy unform… But below the waist, he was a thing of nightmares – writhing tentacles where humans legs should be.  His men, all corrupted like him, swollen and misshapen, hunched backs and melted faces, writhing worms where a mouth should be.  All save one, a younger one who still looked like a man, his face a distinctive likeness to the leader.


“Aww, Pa! This one’s awful purty! Kin ah keep her, as a pet, sorta? Git her a purdy dress from town, an’ make her sing an’ dance?”


“Fraid not, son,” the Captain spoke.  “This one… she has ta die.  We cain’t hurt him, but we can take away the things her cares for… Make him wish he’d never been born…”


“Aww, pa…!” The boy sniffed and hung his head, and shuffled off.


You stared back at the raider captain with eyes full of hatred and defiance, spitting at his twisted mockery of a body.


“Guess you just had the wrong family, kid,” he said gruffly.  “But orders is orders. An’ these don’t come from no higher place…”


He levelled his pistol at you – the metal pitted and rusting, as if decay had made a home there.  


“Those who would the Shadow King defy

Down among the dead men, let them lie…!”


An explosion in your temple, blood running down the side of your head… Pain, and then… oblivion…!


You do not know how long you lay as dead, but you awoke in darkness, the pain of having to drag yourself out of a shallow grave… And the sick feeling when you looked down at the grave, and saw not one, but two.  Neat wooden tomb markers, and simple, beloved names. Your father’s gun and holster hanging over yours.


Just lil ol' me
Many, many thanks to such a great artist as :iconachibner: who brought Fliss to life.  This is my WoW character on the Wyrmrest Accord.

I know how to hurt 
I know how to kill 
I know what to show 
And what to conceal
I know when to talk 
And I know when to touch 
No one ever died from wanting too much

People like us 
Know how to survive 
There's no point in living 
If you can't feel the life 

We know when to kiss 
And we know when to kill 
If we can't have it all 
Then nobody will

The world is not enough 
But it is such a perfect place to start, my love 
And if you're strong enough 
Together we can take the world apart, my love

The world is not enough

The Thief Formally known as 'FLISS'

Fliss can best be described as a dangerous sort of beauty.  Her smouldering looks, full lips, pale brown eyes and build (35-24-34) can lure you in…but one soon finds out it's a 'look but don't touch' that adorns her personality.
Boasting a style of dress all her own, she tends to favor revealing garb...and always accessorizing with her twin daggers - named Ghost and the Darkness.

Fliss is known for her complex personality – she is very debatable and complicated, she is neither black or white, good or bad – she is gray.  She has many sides to her some do not see.  

On the outside she can appear tough and snarky - only further highlighted by her gutter accent and dialect -  but on the inside she is a damaged girl.  She is also known to have a very dangerous steak to her matched by a volatile temper.  She can be very unpredictable with a strong determination that constantly gets her in trouble.  Fliss is known to have many walls that protect her from being caught emotionally off-guard.  She doesn’t talk about her or her past much.

Fliss' traumatic past has made her a survivor.  She doesn’t always understand why she is always the one to live – such as when her family was murdered.

Born Felicity Demelza Briar, the only daughter of a Leathermaker and Seamstress, she enjoyed  a happy early childhood.  At the age of 9, she found both parents murdered in their humble shop.  Having no next of kin and no means of survival, Felicity was forced to live 'hand-to-mouth', by the charity of strangers and by any means of theft.

Finding other gutter rats like herself, she became one of the children rogues that plagued Stormwind's rich and elite.  Having skills in stealth, only furthered by her athleticism and samller size, she began to work for local Fences stealing art and jewels from some of the more well-to-do citizens of the city.  

Having run with several street gangs, Fliss soon parted ways and deicided to go it alone.  Not one to use a 'violence-first' approach, she utilized her skills on the occassional score to ensure not to attract any undue attention from the Thieves Guild.

OOC Background

Fliss has collected information on the organization whom murdered her family....something she has nicknamed -  "the Court of Miracles".  Her journal written in nursery rhymes and children songs disguise the true nature of what it is - a list of names and places of where the individuals responsible.  Make no mistake, it is not revenge she seeks...but a reckoning.  She wishes to settle accounts and take everything from them as they did to her.

Kisaki Commission
My first commission by the amazing :iconkrysdecker:

This was a Xmas gift to my good friend and fellow gamer :iconmaelora69:   
And since its her character, I'll let her post a write-up for it.

But just to highlight the PC, here's a little teaser:

Kisaki is a character in an ongoing campaign I run just for :iconmaelora69:.  She is essentially a top trained anti-terrorist turned assassin that's lost her memory by her own hand.  Her nemesis - which are many - is all based around an organization simply known as ICARUS.  This organization has far reaching ties into many International Governments and is looking to destroy the known order (think another version of SPECTRE).  The whole game takes place in a near future Seattle-based underground where Corporations play a deadly game called 'Fox and Hounds' to win status amongst themselves.  In the midst of all this, there is a pseudo-Chinese/Tibetan legend that she is entangled in.  The game revolves around her choices, and is set semi-real time, so that the player feels the cost of failing to act.

Anyways...again thanks for :iconkrysdecker: for such an awesome piece of art.  I look forward to the big piece I'll have done of her later.  (oh...just a little fyi.  The red shadow under Kisaki is actually in the shape of a sniper rifle.  Pretty crafty, Krys....pretty crafty.)

Ok...:iconmaelora69: time to write one of your famous little stories. 

The Devil *MAY* Care
Many thanks once again to Jeff for a great piece of art for Aramis.  Go check out his page :iconjeffchendesigns:

I aint no angel
Don't got no halo

I cut off my wings
Made my momma scream
I'm your darkest dream

They call me Devil
My heart is empty
They call me Devil
Just try and tempt me

I'll steal your soul
I'll eat you whole
Aint no other way

They call me Devil
And you should be afraid

I will tell you lies
I'll crawl inside your mind

Grab hold of your eyes
I will make you mine
And Im gonna take my time

Call Me Devil
Friends in Tokyo

The Heart of an Outlaw

Two attractive woman came round the edge of the bar, bottles in hand and in mid-conversation. 

"...from what I've seen, Aramis doesn't care about money."  The woman speaking possessed fiery red hair and could be considered a very handsome woman for one approaching those middle years.  Shapely curves announced her well in advance, but it was her 'marked' sex appeal which kept those well-earned stares. 

"HA!...*laughter*...he says he doesn't care about anything.  But he does..."  Came the response for the brunette.  While not as well put together as the first, her flowing raven locks coupled with pale blue eyes, gave her the tools needed to stop a man dead in his tracks.  "'s just no telling what it's going to be."

"Let me tell you about your handsome friend, Aramis."  The brunette began as she lifted the bottle and gave each a stiff pour.  "Me and him, Duece...a few others...did a little flying a few years back..."

The redhead, taking the glass, stopped the her mid-sentence.  "Wait.  You were a 'Wild Card'?"

Lifting the glass, the brunette gave toast.  "No LZ Too Hot.  No Mission Too Dangerous.  That was us."  Giving the drink a quick lift, she drained the glass and refilled.  "...anyways, most of us were contractors.  Didn't believe in the War between Fondor and the Empire.  It was just business.  And, was good."

Offering the redhead another pour, she continued.  "We were flying around a lot.  As you have to when you're in that line of work...then that Fort AmberCon thing happened." 

"The Battle of Fort AmberCon.  I've heard of it.  It was the Confederacy's first victory against the Empire, wasn't it?"

"Guess that depends on who you ask.  Aramis...well, he never spoke much of it.  Hid his distaste for it behind those gorgeous eyes of his and that Devil-may-care smile."

"Wait," the redhead began, "...did you sleep with him?"

Laughing, the brunette nodded as she downed her drink.  "Well...he was charming...and handsome...and it was wartime.  So that stuff is ok."

The smiling redhead took the bottle and poured them both another.  "Ok...go on."

"Well somewhere along the line, the Brass decided we needed new recruits.  Engineers, troopers, Techs, the like.  And one of the new recruits happened to be this little tiny Chandra-fan."  Downing the liquid, she continued as her companion filled the glass.  "No one could understand a damn thing it said.  We didn't even have a protocol unit to we let it be.  However, the damn thing had a fascination with ship drives and began working on any ship it could get its little mitts...claws...whatever it has...on."

"Well at first, we objected...but that little bat creature had a true gift.  It was like it could speak to the engines.  Well...this of course, led to many of the pilots to feeding it chocolates and other sweets to entice it to work on their ships.  That is...all except Aramis.  He had just won an old Imperial light freighter captured during one of the raids in a game of cards.  Really more of a VIP shuttle then anything useful.  Also the damn thing had a learning curve like you couldn't believe."

"Anyway," she began as she downed another shot, "...Aramis loved that ship.  Spend every waking moment and downtime working on it.  Wouldn't let anyone near it.  That is till the little Chandra-fan found her way inside."

"I've never seen a man so angry.  He was furious.  Literally and verbally took her to the woodshed."  The brunette began laughing.  "Well that little thing just 'peeped' and 'squeeked' right back.  It was funny watching the both of them waving their hands about furious at one other."

"Turns out the little thing figured out what was wrong with the ship and had fixed it.  I've never seen Aramis at a loss for words.  He just stood there looking at the ship then the Chandra-fan...then back at the ship again.  Till he finally nodded, and walked away." 

"About this time, the Empire had decided that enough was enough and attacked the Base with the intent of sending every living one of us to whatever Hell we believed in.  First run, was merely to soften us up - bunker bombs, daisy cutters, the like.  That is...tell the troops moved in."

"All manner of Hell was breaking loose.  Pilots trying to prep their ships, civilians running around in circles, and troopers trying to keep the enemy at bay."  Looking at her glass, she shook her head.  "Well, I wasn't alone thinking that we weren't going to make it."

"Somehow in the midst of all this chaos, that little Chandra-fan had managed to get tangled up with 'Old Double Deuce'...the meanest of the Wild Card pilots."  Laughing out loud, she leaned back in her chair.  "Well...Old Deuce...*laughs*....he went flying head first into a pile of crates of rations and such."

The redhead looked at her with a curious smile.  "What happened?"

"Well Deuce was pretty angry when he jumped up...and being Deuce....he shot the Chandra-fan."  Shaking her forefinger, she continued the story.  "Didn't kill it though."

"Before you know it...Aramis was there kneeling beside the little creature.  His face had gone all strange...saying that we should hurry up and evacuate any civilians that we could.  Said he would stay behind with the Chandra-fan and they we should just go on without him."

"I thought he was kidding...but he wasn't.  And there was Old Deuce...ready to kill them both."  Looking to her companion, the brunette laughed.  "And all this...with the Empire busting down the front doors."

"Well another blast came and blew a gas line in the hanger pretty much destroying all the shuttles.  And a stray blaster round took out Old Deuce."

" calm as a man about to go sit for Sunday dinner...picked up the little Chandra-fan and told me to follow.  Putting her inside his ship, he told me to get in and pilot the ship to the Blue Ridge...and there find a safe way off this planet."

"I asked him what the hell he was going to do."  Looking into the liquid, she shook her head.  "He just smiled at me and said he was going to buy us as much time as possible."

"I never thought of him that way.  You know - a hero.  He just gave me a wink and closed the shuttle door."

There was a little bit of silence as the brunette reflected upon the final moments of the Confederacy before she let out a steady breath.  "Well I did what he asked and flew me and that Chandra-fan out of there."

"What happened to Aramis?"  the redhead asked.

"Well he and another soldier - Napoleon - I believe were captured and taken to the North.  There, they were left to rot in the Imperial War Camp - Fort Triune.  But as I hear it...that little Chandra-fan waited on Fondor for an opportunity and eventually helped him escape."

Pouring one last drink, the brunette looked to her companion.  "You want to know the funny thing?"

"What's that?"

"Aramis never even like that damn Chandra-fan."  Letting out a sigh, she smiled.  "Just goes to show never know what the Devil may care about."


No journal entries yet.


United States


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